Metal Pub Tables

metal pub tables

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Infierno's pendant - Day 347

Infierno's pendant - Day 347

- Day 347 of 365 -
«This is a present from the owner of some of the best Heavy Metal Pubs in the city.
I worked for him some years ago, and I've been wearing this pendant for a long time. It means a lot for me.
But I've realized that in the last months It has been more in my bedside table than in my neck.»

the only thing better than a pint is a second pint

the only thing better than a pint is a second pint

Whilst visiting my boyfriend in Cheshire this summer, we walked to the nearest pub (a trek across fields and forests, I tell you) to have a few drinks. The garden was lovely and the evening was beautiful. The company was pretty good too.

metal pub tables

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